Clark Foundations

support of excavation by Clark Foundations at Hampden House construction site
Delivering Certainty Since 1971

Clark Foundations delivers advanced engineering and construction solutions for the most sophisticated excavation support and deep foundations systems. 

With more than 50 years of experience providing preconstruction, estimating, and self-perform construction services for support of excavation and deep foundations work, Clark Foundations provides project certainty through early cost and schedule control. 

Augercast piles
Construction dewatering
Deep foundations
Drilled piers
Driven piles
Historic façade support
Foundation feasibility analysis
Groundwater management (temporary deep wells, water treatment)
Instrumentation and monitoring
Secant and tangent piles
Sheet piles
Soil nail/Rock bolt and shotcrete
Soldier piles and lagging
Support of excavation
Temporary decking
Temporary earth retention design
Underground risk assessment
Utility support