Clark's Ongoing Investment in Craft Training and Development

July 5, 2024

3 Clark craft workers at a jobsite in PPE

The expertise and craftsmanship of our people are cornerstones of Clark’s success. Investing in each team member's growth through training and development is essential to life at Clark, and through our commitment to nurturing and empowering talent, we help individuals achieve their career goals while positioning our teams to achieve excellence. 

This commitment extends to all team members, especially our skilled craft workforce, whose contributions are vital to the success of our projects. Here are just a few components of Clark’s ongoing investment in craftworkers:

  1. Expanded education and life skills training content is available to all craft employees, including the topics of safety, retirement, and specialized skills. At Clark, ongoing educational opportunities are paramount in encouraging the growth of our employees. Regardless of what stage you are at, there is an opportunity to expand your horizons and increase your skills.
  2. An enhanced carpentry apprenticeship program to connect those entering this skilled trade with additional resources to ensure their success. Meet Maria Arevalo, a Clark Concrete carpenter apprentice on the WMATA Northern Bus Garage Reconstruction project, to learn more about the enhanced carpentry apprenticeship program and her experience. We are also excited to be launching a youth apprenticeship program for formwork carpentry in summer 2024. 
  3. Clarified pathways for career advancement within Clark, including a new site coordinator position to serve as a stepping stone for those foremen and field engineers interested in working towards a superintendent role. Site coordinators Angel Fortner and Nicky Eberhardt recently shared their perspectives on their career paths and working as site coordinators.
  4. The Foundations of Foreman Leadership program, launched in January 2024, is a four-module investment program aimed at growing our foremen’s communication, vision-setting, and team-building skills across the company. Recognizing the value of supporting the growth of our craft teams, and the integral role that effective communication and language plays, operational leaders across the enterprise eagerly got involved in the bilingual training of more than 230 foremen.
  5. Opportunities to become an estimator, safety manager, project manager, or scheduler for high-performing craft team members who have an interest and passion in expanding their careers.

At Clark, we are fully committed to the growth and development of our craft team members and share an unwavering belief in their potential. We are excited about the journey ahead and the incredible craftsmanship of our teams.