SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project

Improving SR-91 ensures better mobility for Corona and Riverside County residents, employers, businesses, public transit users and tourists. During peak hours, some drivers will be able to save as much as 90 minutes per day on their round-trip commute.
Karen Spiegel, Corona City Councilmember
Corona, California
Riverside County Transportation Commission
URS Corporation
Year Completed: 

Atkinson, as part of a joint venture, is designing and constructing the SR-91 Corridor Improvement project. The project will increase the capacity of the severely-congested corridor. Once completed, the new lanes and other improvements will save time, improve safety, enhance access, and boost job creation, promote ridesharing, reduce pollution, and aid the movement of goods along the region's roadways.

The SR-91 Corridor Improvement project will extend the existing Orange County Express Lanes approximately eight miles east into Riverside County. The existing five-lane interstate will become an eight-lane highway in each direction by expanding the single HOV lane into two Express Toll Lanes, and adding one general-purpose lane and an auxiliary lane to manage the flow of traffic. The project also will improve the I-15/SR-91 interchange, including three miles on I-15, and a toll-express lane direct connector from the eastbound SR-91 lanes to the southbound I-15 lanes. Atkinson will construct 32 bridges and install 100 retaining walls — totaling nearly one million square feet. The corridor will be lined by 290,000 square feet of sound walls.

A design-build approach will allow speed up delivery of the project by three to four years.