Pinellas County Criminal Courts Complex

North Clearwater, Florida
Pinellas County Board of Commissioners
500,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

The Pinellas County Criminal Courts Complex project included the construction of a new 350,000 square foot courts facility and the interior renovation of an adjacent 150,000 square-foot administrative space. Throughout construction, Clark minimized disruptions to critical judicial operations.

The complex includes 22 courtrooms, a grand-jury suite, prisoner holding cells, a public law library, a cafeteria, and the Sheriff's office. A computerized security system monitors the building at all hours.

Completed in phases to avoid disrupting critical judicial operations, the new building consolidates 160,000 square feet of off-site office space, expands the clerks’ offices, and increases the number of court rooms from 6 to 22. The law library and cafeteria are available to both judicial staff and the public.