Pacific Beacon

A Luxury Apartment Community for Enlisted Service Members
San Diego, California
Pacific Beacon, LLC
Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc.
Additional collaborations with Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc.:
1,200,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Pacific Beacon is a high-density residential community for unaccompanied sailors living on Naval Base San Diego. The 1.2 million square-foot community was planned and constructed with a level of luxury that rivals any private area residence. Clark completed the project 99 days ahead of schedule and with a savings of more than $8 million.

Pacific Beacon is three 18-story residential buildings and a four-story parking garage with ample outdoor recreation and social areas. It provides 941 two-bedroom housing units with two master bedrooms, two bathrooms, two walk-in closets, and a private study area. The facility rivals the luxury, comfort, and amenities of any privately-owned area residence but still meets and exceeds the military’s anti-terrorism/force protections standards and sustainability requirements. 

Clark delivered Pacific Beacon three months ahead of schedule. The design-build team relied on innovation, thorough preplanning, and close coordination with subcontractors to finish the project to the owner’s satisfaction. A significant value engineering exercise, led by the design-build team, resulted in more than $8 million in savings to the project budget. Throughout construction, Clark was mindful of the owner’s needs, the expedited construction schedule, and the project’s best interests.

The design-build team developed a quality control plan specific to Pacific Beacon to ensure the highest level of quality was achieved. The team used multiple layers of review, testing, and supervision in the design, mock-up, and field installation stages for the exterior and interior systems. Clark also devoted a senior member of the team solely to quality control, and for a second level of assurance, full-time testing and inspection services were provided by an outside third-party agency. In addition, a second testing and inspection lab had a full-time presence on the project with certified inspectors supervising concrete, steel, and waterproofing activities.


Pacific Beacon's materials comply with California requirements for off-gassing to improve indoor air quality. A central plant with cooling towers provides an efficient closed-loop, two-pipe heat pump system that further reduces energy consumption by transferring energy between residents whose thermostats are set at different temperatures. The project also features compact flourescent bulbs, ample daylight, indigenous plant materials, efficient plumbing fixtures, and motion sensors in public restrooms.

S2N Technology

S2N provided comprehensive design-build services for Pacific Beacon, resulting in state-of-the art technology access for residents. The team employed a specialized telecommunications subcontractor during the project’s earliest stages to create Pacific Beacon’s technology infrastructure, wire each apartment for cable television, internet, and phone service, install a secure wireless network in common areas, and provide ongoing service.

Beyond supplying service to each living unit, the development team planned Pacific Beacon with technology in mind, equipping Pacific Beacon with a dual infrastructure to “future proof” the community’s wiring system. The system transmits current cable television over coaxial cable, while a parallel single-mode fiber network can accommodate future technology needs.


At Pacific Beacon, safety efforts began during the project’s earliest phase, and throughout construction, regular safety meetings were a central part of Pacific Beacon’s jobsite culture. Once a month, project management held safety meetings for all personnel to review current and upcoming construction activities, highlighting any potential hazards. During peak construction periods, more than 700 workers attended these meetings. In addition, Clark’s executive personnel, including senior vice presidents, attended subcontractor meetings three times a year to discuss safety. The active involvement of executive-level personnel helped engage everyone on the jobsite by demonstrating how important safety is.

Giving Back to the Community

The construction of Pacific Beacon was a great benefit to the local San Diego community and economy. The Clark team participated in numerous community service and philanthropic efforts during construction. High school and college students took part in mentorship programs with project team members, and some college-level students were hired as summer interns. Ultimately, Pacific Beacon created thousands of jobs and poured more than $320 million into the local economy through building contracts, vendors, services, and supplies.

AGC San Diego - Build San Diego Award, Unique/Special Project
Construction Management Association of America - New Building $25 Million+
DBIA - National Design-Build Award, Private Sector $25 Million+