P123 Bachelor Quarters Homeport Ashore

Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia
255,000 square feet
Year Completed: 
LEED Silver (targeted)

P123 Bachelor Quarters Homeport Ashore project is a design-build, five-story residential building with 225 units. Designed as a “market-style” apartment building, the project provides single sailors with a home on shore when they are not deployed.

The P-123 building encompasses 255,000 square feet, and features six stories with five floors of living area. The structure's first floor includes a manager's office, multi-purpose room, public restrooms, and storage and supply room. The corridor's masonry walls are exposed with an acoustic tile ceiling and the floors feature terrazzo.

The building was structured using lightweight masonry units on a structural concrete slab on grade over 12" square pre-stressed concrete piles. The leveled floors consist of two-inch lightweight concrete over hollow core planks. Standing seam metal roof, metal studs, sheathing, air barrier, brick, and blast resistant windows enclose the exterior of the structure.

Clark's scope of work also encompassed the demolition and reconstruction of a section of Dillingham Boulevard. The new section facilitates access and egress from the new residence hall and improves traffic flow in the surrounding area. Dillingham Boulevard is a main thoroughfare and Clark's project team had to maintain daily access to numerous facilities and parking areas along the route throughout its reconstruction.

The design-build team contended with a number of project specific challenges, including stringent base security operations. The team developed meticulous plans for the flow of manpower and material access to the site. Additionally, the project's location offered up a host of logistical challenges. Situated on a square city block, the site is flanked by the ongoing operations of the base's facilities. Clark's team developed a detailed site logistics plan that mitigated the effects of our work by carefully planning material staging and storage, as well as the location of the jobsite trailers and personnel parking.


P123 Bachelor Quarters Homeport Ashore's market-style apartment concept is the first of its kind on the East Coast. The project is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification and incorporates numerous sustainable components. Clark/LS3P's "H"-shaped building design takes advantage of the site's solar orientation to maximize natural heating and cooling, and the barracks' envelope is expected to outperform baseline energy criteria by 40 percent. A ground source heat pump is the backbone of the project's efficient HVAC system while all cooling is provided by a geothermal well field in conjunction with a supplemental evaporative fluid cooler. Overall, Clark/LS3P's design reduced the project's energy usage by 56 percent and the Navy's 40-year TOC energy cost by 36 percent.

This project was the Navy's first to employ a Total Ownership Cost (TOC) model, in which the Navy’s acquisitions personnel considered and gave value to the life cycle cost decisions made by the Clark/LS3P design-build team.