Naval Support Facility Decentralized Steam System

Modernizing the Navy's Utility Services
This project will fundamentally transform the steam distribution system at Indian Head. This utility is essential to specific mission capabilities on NSF Indian Head that are critical to our nation's armed forces.
Capt. Peter Nette, Commanding Officer for Naval Support Activity, U.S. Navy
Indian Head, Maryland
Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest
Wiley Wilson
Year Completed: 
LEED Silver (targeted)

Clark, as part of a construction joint venture, is building a decentralized steam system at the Naval Support Facility (NSF) for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC). Clark’s architectural partner for this design-build project is Wiley|Wilson.

Clark will demolish the existing coal-powered Goddard Power Plant and construct a primary nodal steam generation plant with a natural gas fuel source. The Strauss Primary Nodal Plant will house a 4.6MW dual-fuel combustion turbine with a 25,000 MMBtu/hr heat recovery steam generator. The team also will construct seven secondary natural gas fueled nodal steam plants along with a 10,000 square-foot utilities and energy management building.

The team will refurbish existing buildings and manage the integration of new telecommunications and a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA). Other components of the project’s scope include adding parking areas and providing utility services and an electric power transmission pole line and wiring.

The new system will cut energy use by 50 percent, water consumption by 75 percent and steam requirements by 80 percent, resulting in approximately $7.5 million savings each year. Additionally, more than 50 billion pounds of carbon emissions will be reduced each year.

The utility and energy management building is set to achieve LEED Silver certification.