National Archives II

A Home for Our Nation's History
1,800,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Completed in 1993, National Archives II is a highly-sophisticated storage and research facility. This award-winning project was called one of the world’s largest clean rooms at the time of its construction.

The laboratories, storage and research areas at National Archives II have special requirements for security, fire protection, and environmental control. Each of the 28 rooms has custom air-handling units to control temperatures (from 25°F-70°F) and humidity. They also monitor and control for harmful gas contaminants using particulate removal filters that can maintain levels from 1 part per billion to 12.5 parts per billion.

The facility's motorized, high-density shelving is among the largest and most advanced in the world. Due to the sensitive nature of the documents being stored, the shelving system was integrated with the building's fire alarm, security, and energy management systems. Security cameras are abundant and electronic locks, sensors, and motion detectors monitor all movement and activity.

ABC Metropolitan Washington Chapter - Excellence in Construction Award, Architectural Concrete
ABC Metropolitan Washington Chapter - Excellence in Construction Award, Commercial $40 Million+
ACI - Excellence in Concrete Award
WBC Craftsmanship Award - Cast-in-Place Concrete
WBC Craftsmanship Award - Shelving Rail System
WBC Craftsmanship Award - HVAC