Monroe Avenue Bridge Replacement

Building above the East Coast's Heaviest Traveled Rail Corridor
Alexandria, Virginia
Potomac Yard Development, LLC
Year Completed: 

Shirley designed and constructed the Monroe Avenue Bridge Replacement project in 2008. The 840-foot-long, six-lane-wide bridge was erected, and the existing bridge was demolished, over the heaviest traveled rail corridor on the East Coast.

The Monroe Avenue Bridge carries US Route 1, a very heavily traveled roadway over the busy rail corridor. Daily maintenance of traffic was required to limit the impacts to the traveling public. The phased construction was sequenced with the eastern span of the new bridge opening mid-way through the project. All traffic was removed from the existing bridge, placed on the new span, and the existing bridge demolished and the second phase constructed in its place. Due to limited width on the three-lane bridge deck, the development and installation of the reversible center lane traffic signals were vital in the maintenance of traffic. They allowed for two lanes (the original width of Route 1) to flow in the direction of rush hour.

In total, the project team drove 37,600 linear feet of pile, poured 8,700 cubic yards of structural concrete, placed 1.4 million pounds of reinforcing steel, erected six million pounds of structural steel, placed 16,000 tons of stone and 18,000 tons of asphalt, completed 220,000 cubic yards of earthwork, and installed 23,000 feet of utilities.

Driving pile within 100 feet of private residences, installing deep utility lines within eight feet of existing businesses, and demolishing retaining walls within five feet of retail stores required constant attention and demanded close communication between Shirley and the community. This was accomplished through monthly project update meetings at the local recreation center. Progress reports were followed by question and answer sessions. In addition, coordination with CSX and its subcontractors was critical to the path of the project.