Kraemer Boulevard Undercrossing

Separating Vehicular & Train Traffic to Increase Safety & Decrease Delays
Each of these new bridges along the rail line help improve the quality of life for the people who travel through North County with enhanced safety and quicker commutes.
Shawn Nelson, Chairman, Orange County Transportation Authority
Placentia, California
Orange County Transportation Authority
Year Completed: 

The Kraemer Boulevard Undercrossing project is part of a $630-million Orange County Bridges program. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) program includes the construction of seven undercrossings or overcrossings to separate car traffic from rail traffic.

The entire intersections of Kraemer Boulevard and Crowther Avenue were lowered 25 feet and Atkinson constructed a one-million-pound structural steel underpass bridge to allow BNSF rail traffic to pass over local traffic. Temporary shoofly tracks were built south of the current tracks to maintain BNSF rail traffic during construction of the railroad bridge, retaining walls, and roadway.

Crews performed 130,000 cubic yards of excavation and built cast-in-place and secant pile retaining walls using 6,000 cubic yards of structural concrete and 31,000 linear feet of concrete piling. Over the course of the project, the team built a 30,000 square-foot noise wall, relocated or installed 5,200 feet of storm lines and 5,800 feet of sanitary sewer lines, and constructed a pump station necessitated by lowering the street.

Construction was performed under noise and vibration restrictions and Atkinson closed the active, adjacent intersection for a substantial period of time. Upon completion, cars now move unrestricted under the railroad tracks, thereby enhancing safety and boosting mobility.