I-95/I-495/I-395 Springfield Interchange Improvements

Virginia's "Mixing Bowl"
Springfield, Virginia
Virginia Department of Transportation
Year Completed: 

From 2001 to 2005, Shirley Contracting completed Phases II, III, and IV of VDOT’s I-95/I-495/I-395 Springfield Interchange Improvements project, known as the “Mixing Bowl.” Close to 375,000 vehicles pass through the interchange every day.

Phases II and III of the Springfield Interchange Improvements Project consisted of 15 bridges, 35,000 square meters of MSE retaining wall, demolition of five existing bridges, movement of more than 350,000 cubic meters of earth, over 10,000 meters of pipe, placement of 150,000 metric tons of aggregate base, and placement of over 160,000 metric tons of asphalt. 

At a cost of $255 million, the Phase IV project represented the largest single contract awarded for the entire Springfield Interchange rebuilding project. It called for the construction of four new bridges, including a 4,200-foot-long flyover ramp from the Capital Beltway Inner Loop to I-95 Southbound. The flyover is the longest inland bridge constructed in Virginia, rising over 100 feet at its highest point. Major elements of the project included 500,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 250,000 tons of asphalt concrete, 20,000 linear feet of stormwater and pressure waterlines, and 15,000 linear feet of deep sanitary sewer pipe, including 2,500 linear feet of microtunneling. In total, Shirley designed and constructed 185,000 square feet of absorptive sound barrier walls and erected 150,000 square feet of permanent MSE retaining walls. Shirley completed Phase IV ahead of schedule.