A Highly Secure Data Center
We selected Clark to build COPT DC-6 because they were already familiar with the challenges of the mission critical industry and because of their ability to introduce solutions that reduced construction cost with zero sacrifice to the project’s reliability. There are very few general contractors in the United States qualified to construct Tier III/IV data centers. Clark has been a great partner and a crucial part of the project’s success.
Jim Coakley, President & CEO, Hornbaker Group (Leasing Agent)
Manassas, Virginia
Hornbaker Group
EYP Mission Critical Facilities
231,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

COPT DC-6 is a two-story data center and office space. Clark worked closely with COPT, the project owner, to meet their requirements for high-density and high-security features, as well as mitigate effects of the financial crisis. The strong working relationship has brought the Clark team back to COPT DC-6 for additional phases of work.

COPT DC-6 is a 225,000 square-foot building with a 215,000 square-foot data center and 10,000 square feet of office space spread over two levels. Behind the building’s structural steel and masonry façade is a space designed to support the fit-out of a Tier III/IV, high-density data center with 100,000 square feet of raised floor space and large floor-to-floor heights. The data center’s proprietary, two-story design places all IT equipment on the second floor and directly above the building’s mechanical and electrical distribution equipment. Clark developed a plan to increase cooling capacity in the existing data center that ensured the building's mechanical system will support their tenants' future growth without disrupting ongoing activities.

This commercial data center project was significantly impacted by the country's financial crisis. Clark worked alongside the client and architect to scale back the original construction and defer costs to future phases of work. Modifications included deffering the water-cooled chiller plant and relocating gensets, mechancial substations, and other utilities to maximize space and efficiency. Clark's approach deferred over $12 million in construction cost.

After completing the first phase of construction, Clark returned to the COPT campus to perform utility work, infrastructure installation, and tenant fit out work. The finished project includes 50 megawatts of primary electrical service, a 30 megawatt UPS system, eight 1,800-ton chiller lineups each backed up by a dedicated two megawatt diesel generator, 300,000 gallons of chilled water storage, 200,000 gallons of make-up water storage, and up to 500,000 gallons of fuel oil storage.


COPT DC-6 incorporates a number of energy-saving features. The data center employs a flexible “hybrid power” distribution system from Validus DC Power that offers users the option of AC or DC power. The use of larger air handlers makes its cooling system more efficient, giving the facility a reported Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.28.

Air handling units (AHUs) on the lower floor deliver cold air through the ceiling into the four-foot-high under-floor plenum of the second story. The hot air exits the top of the server pods and is returned to the lower floor through channels along the side of the building. The COPT facility is equipped with louvers on the side of its facade, allowing it to use; fresh air for cooling part of the year.

Northern Virginia Technology Council Green Award