Coleman Federal Correctional Complex

Coleman, Florida
Federal Bureau of Prisons
830,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Coleman Federal Correctional Complex houses more than 2,700 inmates for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The campus-style project is comprised of nearly 30 buildings — many of them interconnected — and is divided into low-security and medium-security areas.

Coleman Federal Correctional Complex provides an environment that is institutional, yet allows for interaction between inmates and staff and encourages self-improvement through social, educational, and vocational activities. Inmate housing includes more than 1,200 cells and nearly 800 dorm-style rooms. A central administration building serves both the low-security and medium-security housing areas. Additional features include medical/dental facilities, a food service area, training and vocational facilities, athletic fields, and exercise areas.

This project began a long working relationship between Clark and the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Coleman, Florida Federal Correctional Complex (FCC, Coleman). Clark/DLR completed Coleman I in 2001 and Coleman II in 2004.