Carroll Square

Where History Meets Modern Day
Washington, D.C.
Akridge/Seaton Benkowski & Partners
515,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Carroll Square, located at 975 F Street, NW, incorporates historic restoration with new office construction. The 260,000 square-foot, trophy-class building is adjacent to D.C.'s historic St. Patrick’s Church. The building features nine stories of office space, one level of retail, one below-grade tenant parking and four levels of below-grade parking.

The exterior of the structure consists of brick-clad precast concrete panels with large windows. An intricate latticework pattern is integrated into the precast panels at window units throughout the building. An aluminum pavilion tower highlights the roof. Finished terraces are incorporated at the fourth, sixth, and roof levels.

Seven historic townhomes adjacent to the property were refurbished and restored during the construction of Carroll Square. The masonry exteriors of six of the existing structures were refurbished to their original, late 19th-century appearance, while the seventh structure was completely disassembled and rebuilt in order to stabilize the original façade components.

Carroll Square’s first floor features the building's marble-clad lobby, as well as an art gallery and retail space. The lobby is highlighted by an elegant corner stair, which incorporates marble treads and a sleek glass and bronze railing system. The stair guides visitors through the mini-atrium and up to a wall of glass that provides an impressive view of the neighboring church. Through this glass gateway, visitors can access the landscaped "pocket park" on the north side of the site, which links the new building to the church.

ABC of Metro Washington - Excellence in Construction Award, Commerical $20-$40 Million
Mayor's Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation