Atkinson Construction

With a portfolio that includes major expansions to some of the country's busiest thoroughfares, a host of mining and tunneling operations, and some of the world’s largest bridges and dams, Atkinson Construction is one of the most experienced and diverse civil contractors in the country.

Serving both public- and private-sector clients, and working across a broad range of industries, Atkinson utilizes experience and innovation to deliver superior, award-winning results. The company's self-perform capabilities and capacity to provide the necessary supervision, manpower, equipment, and materials, enables it to tackle some of the nation’s most complex infrastructure projects. Over the last eight decades, Atkinson has built a reputation for providing creative, cost-effective engineering solutions, and ensuring quality and safety at every stage of a project’s life.

Atkinson is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clark. Together, our companies provide a comprehensive range of project development services that are tailored to meet our clients' needs.

Leaders in civil construction since 1926, Atkinson has constructed more than 50 major bridges, over 80 of the world's largest dams, and built or expanded scores of highways and roadways within the United States.
Dams & Hydroelectric Structures
Highways, Roadways, & Interchanges
Mass Transit Facilities
Mining & Metallurgic Facilities
Tunnels & Shafts
Operations & Maintenance
Public-Private Partnerships
Self Performance
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John O’Keefe

Division President & CEO
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Bob Adams

Senior Vice President
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