Plane Train Tunnel West Extension

Atlanta, Georgia
City of Atlanta
Year Completed: 

Clark/Atkinson/Technique will design and construct a 700-foot tunnel extension of the existing Plane Train automated people mover system at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, GA. McMillen Jacobs Associates, with STV as a sub consultant, is responsible for the overall project design.

In Phase 1, the joint venture team will perform extensive shifts to the existing traffic lanes for taxis and shuttles. Phase 2 of the project includes the tunneling work, as well as changes to elevators and escalator locations within the airport to optimize passenger flow. Atkinson will self-perform the vertical shaft and tunneling work for the project.

The tunnel extension goes beneath the existing terminal and the MARTA and SkyTrain systems. The project team will follow careful engineering and construction practices to prevent disturbances to the airport or MARTA/SkyTrain operations. 

The progressive design-build contract divides the project into four distinct components:  preconstruction, west curb enabling, design, and tunnel/airport construction. Preconstruction is underway, and budgeting for the west curb and design portions has started. Enabling work is expected to begin in Summer 2019, with overall project completion expected in 2022.