Legacy International Center

San Diego, California
Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
Carrier Johnson
Year Completed: 

Clark constructed an 18-acre luxury resort located in San Diego’s Mission Valley.

Clark provided design-build services for the construction and transformation of an 18-acre site in San Diego into a premiertourist destination. Legacy International Center features a five-story hotel and spa, a pavilion with a 500-seat theater, a museum, and a welcome center with an interactive globe and domed motion theater.  Unique attractions include a replica of the Wailing Wall, catacombs, 8,000 square feet of outdoor retail space, an outdoor amphitheater, dancing multi-colored fountains, and expansive gardens.

At the Welcome Center, exhibit spaces are easily configurable, providing functional flexibility and ease of maintenance. The visitor experience is carefully curated for “progressive discovery,” with pathways that use intuitive wayfinding techniques such as transitioned ceiling heights (varying from 9 feet to 25 feet), and gradual shifts in light levels and sightlines to the outside that help with orientation. 

A key notion for the site’s concept was to highlight the adjacent natural hillside by treating the 18-acre campus as a themed garden. Legacy is scaled and massed to complement the hillside gardens and shared public spaces. The arrangement of the uniquely shaped buildings creates view corridors from the freeway to the hillside, curating memorable views of key experiential touchpoints within the resort while allowing each building to be appreciated by passersby. 

Legacy is designed to take guests on a journey between the tangible and intangible in a facility which includes historical representations with a modern twist. Contemporary design elements, including uniquely tailored shapes, are paired with extensive spans of structural glass and classic materials such as Jerusalem stone and bronzed metal. 

Visitors are also exposed to different cultures and textures from all over the world at the market arcades, which offers dining options and shopping designed to evoke souk markets of the Middle East. Amid the various plazas, guests can relax at the 126-unit resort hotel and spa and visit the Library and Prayer Center and 500-seat Training Center and Performance Center. 

“The Spire” which is the totem element and serves as an anchor for the campus. The focal landmark is a vertical gesture with stenciled metal panels that reveals “The Power of Words” in storytelling. The words “Love, Peace, and Forgiveness” were chosen to deliver personal messages to each guest and are translated in 11 different languages. 

The resort also includes a 115,500-square-foot cast-in-place parking structure and a central utility plant. The project is designed to achieve LEED Certification.


2021 Build San Diego Award (Building Construction - Private Work)