Huāxyacac Hall at SDSU

San Diego, California
San Diego State University
AC Martin & Partners
200,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 
LEED Silver (targeted)

Huāxyacac Hall is a significant addition to San Diego State’s student life program.  The project combines an existing 600-bed freshman residence hall with a new 200,000-square-foot residence hall to create a vibrant freshman village, designed to encourage students' socialization and interaction with peers.

Located on the west side of the campus on a long and narrow site next to an existing residence hall, Clark transformed what used to be a parking lot into a new vibrant freshman village. By combining an existing 600-bed freshman residence hall with the new Huāxyacac Hall, the team created a new social hub tailor-made for first year students.  

The linear site is comprised of a series of outdoor rooms enclosed by courtyard walls, incorporating an existing 12-story freshman dorm. The new 200,000-square-foot residence hall is designed to encourage students' socialization and interaction with peers. To accomplish this, double rooms are small, while shared amenity spaces are generously proportioned and outfitted with flexible furniture. 

Landscaped courtyards, colonnades, roof garden, and terraces create a unique experience that promotes indoor/outdoor style living reminiscent of early California resorts. Outdoor spaces feature attractive and functional areas for socializing, studying, and residential life programming. A large shared living room/lounge on the ground floor is located in covered exterior space between the east and west courtyards. These rooms are shaded, providing weather protection. The reflected light from the white courtyard walls keep the area bright. Courtyards can accommodate small and large groups and feature seating areas, fire pits, barbecues, shuffle board, and other games.

The colonnade connecting these courtyards functions as the main walkway, linking shared amenities such as the dinning terrace, coffee shop, market, and food truck courtyard.


2019 AGC Build San Diego Award, Building Construction, Public Work