FedExField Solar Panel Installation

Decreasing FedExField's Annual Energy Usage by 15%
This has been a herculean project, and not without adversity. Your team has endured earthquakes, hurricanes, and rainstorms to complete a truly remarkable project.
Eric Curry Director, NRG Solar
Landover, Maryland
NRG Solar
NRG Solar
Year Completed: 

Clark installed more than 8,000 solar panels at FedExField — making it the largest solar power installation in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The innovative solar power system was implemented in three short months. It can produce enough power to meet 20 percent of the stadium’s power needs on game days and all of its power on non-game days.

The unique solar power system incorporates a combination of three technologies. More than 7,500 solar panels cover 841 spaces at the A1 parking lot and generate power for the stadium and provide covered parking to protect fans from inclement weather. The 525 roof panels and 188 translucent solar panels, located on the ramp structure, demonstrate how solar can be built into existing and new structures through a combination of technology and architecture. Finally, the thin-film solar generation built into a 30-foot sculpture of a football player in the entry plaza combines solar power technology and art.

The electricity produced by the solar power system at FedExField each year is enough to meet the power needs of about 300 homes in the metro D.C. area.

The solar panel installation project marks a return to FedEx Field for Clark. In 1997, the company completed the FedExField stadium.