San Diego's Open-Air Ballpark
San Diego Ballpark Builders’ emphasis on clear, concise communications and customer satisfaction has been evident in every aspect of its dealing with us on this project.
Charles E. Black, Former President, San Diego Padres
San Diego, California
San Diego Padres
Antoine Predock Architect
1,140,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Completed in 2004, PETCO Park boasts a natural grass playing field and a unique seating bowl design that creates distinctive seating “neighborhoods” for 42,000 fans. Clark was the lead partner in San Diego Ballpark Builders (SDBB), the joint venture entity that built the ballpark.

The 12.5-acre PETCO Park features 60 suites, standing room for 1,500 fans, and seating for 42,000 fans. The facility couples San Diego's historical architecture with innovative designs. At street level, arcades recall the simple beauty of the early Spanish missions with a palm court, jacaranda trees, and water walls. The historic Western Metal Supply Company Building, originally constructed in 1909, was renovated and incorporated into the ballpark; the left-field foul pole is attached to the building's southeastern corner, 334 feet from home plate. Built on historic land in old San Diego, the facility also displays artifacts found by archeologists during the excavation. 
A primary focus of the design was providing a unique experience for fans. Two strategically placed 200-foot-tall seating bowl towers support lights for the playing field and house luxury suites and lounges. The seating bowls incorporate a unique “fractured” design to create a collection of seating neighborhoods, making all seating areas desirable. The Ballpark Cruise, an innovative design element, encourages fans to stroll from the Ballpark through the park, enjoying the atmosphere and the varied dining, retail and entertainment experiences there before, during and after games. In addition, PETCO Park features the “Park at the Park,” a grassy picnic hill that can also be used as public space when during off season.
PETCO Park also includes a giant, state-of-the-art video display that enables fans to see true-to-life images from all angles in the park. The main 30-by-52-foot video screen features the latest video technology, incorporating LED and fiber optics that together create very realistic, high-density images. No matter what angle fans view the screen, images remain clear and robust, regardless of the time of day. The screen’s video processing technology also gives broadcasters the ability to show images coming from any type of video of PC source.
During construction, the SDBB project team instituted a stringent Storm Water Prevention Plan that retained all its water on site. This program protected the San Diego Bay 200 yards away. Moreover, the depth that the park was constructed ran into the water table. The team evaluated double containment protection into the storm water run off, holding pools, and contaminate protection before writing the plan. According to the City of San Diego, the PETCO Park project is a model for storm water protection.
The project team also conducted extensive material testing and developed a stringent quality assurance plan for PETCO Park's façade. The exterior features two-foot-by-two-foot-by-½-inch cleft sandstone tiles thinset on a back-up constructed of cement plaster over metal lathe on steel studs. While this system has been used in the San Diego area, primarily on low and mid-rise commercial buildings, it had not been used on this scale. SDBB, drawing on the collective knowledge of the design team, subcontractors and outside consultants, devised a comprehensive preconstruction testing program that validated the design and better predicted the performance of the specified systems.
In 2013, Clark returned to PETCO Park for a number of renovations. Clark moved in the right field wall and lowered it to make it consistent with the left and left-center field. The walls were moved in at left-center f1eld and right-center field. The visiting bullpen also was relocated from along the right field foul line to center field behind the home bullpen.
In addition to altering the field dimensions, the Clark team built a concrete party deck in right field and modified and existing ramp to provide accessibility to the deck and the park's beach area.
Minority Business Participation
Building PETCO Park led to significant economic contributions to San Diego, including 32 percent HUBE (Historically Underutilized Business Enterprises) participation.
AGG of California - Excellence in Project Management
AGC of San Diego - Special Award
Building Design & Construction Magazine Award
California Construction Magazine's 'Best of' 2004