Boeing North Bridge Replacement

Helping Business Operations of Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Renton
Renton, Washington
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Year Completed: 
This project replaces the 1969 Boeing North bridge located at the mouth of the Cedar River as it enters Lake Washington. Boeing uses the bridge to tow 737 airplanes from the Renton assembly plant to the flight line at the Renton Airport—where they are prepared for their first flight. Work includes the construction of a temporary bridge, demolition of the existing bridge, and construction of the new permanent bridge.

 The majority of work will occur during the summers between June 1 and August 15 to comply with fish window constraints. This contract also includes the demolition of existing approach aprons including foundations to below the planned dredge elevation, removal of bulkheads and restoration of channel grading, construction of channel bank armoring, and restoration of channel habitat.

The temporary bridge is founded on 24" diameter 90' long steel pipe pile — four each at nine temporary piers, with steel pile caps, steel plate girders, and precast bridge deck. The permanent bridge is a three-span, 48' wide by 245' long steel plate girder bridge with precast bridge deck and 134' main span. Two six by six diameter ninety foot-long drilled shafts — two at each intermediate pier and two-inch diameter one hundred foot-long concrete pile— five at each abutment support the bridge. The superstructure also includes precast concrete cross beams with four-foot diameter columns.