Yale Steam Laundry Condominium

Blending Historic Ambiance with Modern Amenities
Yale Laundry was a complicated historic renovation ... Clark did a great job.
Thomas F. Luddy, Senior Vice President - Construction Management, IBG Partners, LLC
Washington, D.C.
IBG Partners, LLC
Additional collaborations with BBG-BBGM:
206,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Built in 1902, the Yale Steam Laundry served as the primary laundry facility for Washington, D.C. hotels, the White House, Congress, and other government building for 74 years. In 1998, the plant was registered in the D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites. The Yale Steam Laundry East Condominiums project expanded and converted the historic plant into new condominiums in 2007, providing New York-style lofts while preserving the building's original aesthetic.

The Yale Steam Laundry East Condominiums project transformed the original three-story plant into 16 loft-style condominiums. Clark also constructed 133 condominiums in a new, industrial-style, 12-story tower featuring a brick exterior with precast accents. Throughout, the design incorporates open floor plans and floor-to-ceiling windows to blend the historic aspects of the building with modern amenities.

Preservation of the building’s historic aspects required an immense amount of coordination and careful attention to detail. In addition to much of the three-story structure, the plant’s 120-foot-tall brick smokestack was preserved on site. To replicate the look of the original windows, existing perimeter wood frames were kept and one-and-a-half-inch thick muntin grid systems were installed. Aluminum-framed, hard coat, low-e glass replaced old window panes.

For the new tower, the project team and subcontractors researched the brick composition of the original plant and ultimately selected Hanson 223 to replicate the look and added Hanson 761 Gray to provide an updated flair. A four-story brick sign at the east end of the building spells out “Yale” in red and grey brick and is bordered by raised bricks. Window units in the new tower stretch from floor to ceiling – nine feet high and 13 feet wide to further replicate the industrial look.

Throughout the renovation, the project followed strict construction guidelines to fit historic building parameters. D.C.’s Historic Preservation Review Board approved the drawings and would periodically visit the site to ensure that the project remained historically accurate. The Clark project team managed this complex and detailed project to successfully reach Substantial Completion and receive a Certificate of Occupancy for the Yale Steam Laundry condominiums one month ahead of schedule.

WBC Craftsmanship Award - Masonry/Unit Masonry