Wheeler Sack Army Airfield Barracks

As the home of the most frequently deployed division in the Army, Fort Drum is critically important to the ability of the Army to meet its mission.
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Fort Drum, New York
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The Wheeler Sack Army Airfield Barracks project includes two three-story junior enlisted barracks, one brigade headquarters, three medium battalion headquarters with classrooms, a dining facility, 13 company operations facilities, troop aid station and additions to existing hangars. Clark completed the project ahead of schedule, despite significant weather delays during construction.

The Wheeler Sack Army Airfield Barracks complex was part of an ongoing base-wide development program, which consolidated all of the elements of the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade to one base and located them on the airfield to facilitate rapid deployment. It also serves as “home base” for the unit, before and after deployments. The two junior enlisted barracks each contain 240 quarters and feature integrated soldier community facilities. 

The barrack structures utilize a shallow foundation system and slab on grade construction. The core and shell is composed of load-bearing masonry walls and an eight-inch hollow core precast concrete plank floor system with a brick veneer on the exterior. The connection point between each "wing" of barracks utilized a structural steel frame with concrete on metal deck. The barracks' roofs are constructed using a light gauge metal truss system supporting a standing seam metal roof.

Supporting facilities include utilities, walking and parking areas, a multi-purpose ball field, water treatment plant, and a 1,000,000-gallon water tower.