USC University Gateway

Bringing USC Amenities to the Surrounding Community
The [Clark] team successfully and aggressively led the design-build effort and provided a cost-efficient design with a fast paced construction schedule resulting in a completion of two and a half months ahead of schedule, all within budget.
Matt Burton, Principal, Urban Partners, LLC
Los Angeles, California
Urban Partners, LLC
Togawa Smith Martin, Inc.
1,008,200 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

University Gateway is a design-build, mixed-use student housing project adjacent to the University of Southern California (USC) campus. Built on property that was formerly home to used-car dealerships and repair shops, the eight-story building provides off-campus housing for USC students as well as 82,800 square feet of retail for the local community. The project received its temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) ten weeks ahead of schedule.

University Gateway can accommodate more than 1,600 residents in 421 units. Though it is an off-campus housing facility, University Gateway was designed and built to extend the feel of the nearby USC campus. The structure’s exterior of cement plaster, glass, and brick matches the predominant USC aesthetic. Open courtyards, roof decks, and landscaped exterior areas provide residents with convenient social spaces. Ample on-site bike storage and planned tram service promote alternative transportation to easily connect University Gateway’s student residents with the USC campus. 

On the ground level, University Gateway boasts 16 retail spaces. Tenants include a bank, a coffee shop, a pharmacy, casual food shops, and USC offices. The project also has an eight-story parking structure for over 700 vehicles.

Every residential unit at University Gateway was designed to conform to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. With minor modifications, any unit can be converted to become fully ADA-compliant or customized to an individual resident’s needs. The units feature an open layout and were built with adjustable-height kitchen sinks, removable cabinet doors, and built-in backing for the placement of grab bars. 

The University Gateway team, from the owners to the subcontractors, worked closely together to keep the project on schedule and maintain the original design-build budget. As the design progressed, the team established and re-estimated budgets. During construction, all change orders were reviewed jointly with the contractor, the design-builder, and the owner to determine scope and acceptable cost. This collaborative effort allowed the owner to review numerous options and select which changes they wished to implement.