University of Maryland at Baltimore Health Sciences Library

Baltimore, Maryland
University of Maryland at Baltimore
The Design Collective
Contract Value: 
190,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

The Health Sciences Library provides the highest level of library and computing services available for students and faculty at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. The information services building serves over 900 libraries in ten states as part of the biomedical network of the National Library of Medicine.

Many highgrade finishes are incorporated into the six-level building, including maple and cherry-wood paneling and black granite counter tops. Throughout the facility, Clark installed telecommunications cabling, fiber-optics, and 1500 computer data connections.

The Information Access and Management Center, located on the building’s main floor, allows users to access database and networked information. Three Technology-Assisted Learning Classrooms are used for training, advanced applications, file management, and design of expert systems.

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