MedStar Georgetown DC Water Utilities Reroute

MedStar Health & DC Water
Year Completed: 

Clark Water installed new sewer lines and sewer access structures for DC Water at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Surgical Pavilion.

Three large-diameter sewer access structures up to 50-feet-deep and four new manhole structures were built to allow for the redirection of combined flows and for DC Water access to various sewer intersections along the 96-inch and 108-inch conduit.

After the completion of the three structures, the 96-inch and 108-inch sewer conduit stretching across the length of the site were structurally lined with a geopolymer coating while existing sanitary sewer and stormwater piping were lined with a cured-in-place lining. All work was performed while maintaining complete functionality of the DC Water sewer system by implementing multiple bypass operations.