Gallaudet University Kellogg Center

A New Standard for Accessibility
Washington, D.C.
Gallaudet University
150,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Gallaudet is the only university in the world with programs and services designed specifically for blind and hearing-impaired students. The goal for the Kellogg Center, as outlined by Gallaudet, was to set a new world-wide standard in accessibility.

The 274-seat auditorium includes translating booths and headphones. Meeting areas are provided with adequate non-glare lighting, and walls have acoustical deadening material to prevent background noise from interfering with hearing devices. The nearly 100 guest rooms feature computers networked into the campus system, special telephones allowing communications through typed messages, and flashing lights to signal everything from a visitor at the door to a building emergency. 

The Kellogg Center also includes two floors of offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, and multi-functional rooms.