Esteban E. Torres High School/LAUSD #2

Your company's commitment to local participation helps helps the Los Angeles Unified School District create career opportunities for local district residents and cultivate the next generation of construction professionals.
Kelly Schmader, Interim Chief Facilities Executive, Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Unified School District
Langdon Wilson
243,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

The first new high school to be constructed in East Los Angeles in more than 50 years, Esteban E. Torres High School sits on a 13-acre site approximately five miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The new campus reflects the high school's creative approach to education.

The nine-building Esteban E. Torres high school is divided into five small learning communities with classrooms, science labs and administration space for each of the school's academies. In all, Clark built 86 classrooms. Additional facilities include performing arts classrooms, a library, a multipurpose room, two gymnasiums, a food service and lunch shelter, and central administration offices. 

The campus sprawls across the local topography, lending itself to unique features that include an outdoor amphitheater, an underground parking structure, tiered rows of basketball and tennis courts and an athletic stadium overlooking the neighborhood. A joint-use agreement between Los Angeles Unified School District and East Los Angeles Classic Theater allows students to take advantage of the outdoor amphitheater and benefit from a specialized educational theater program. The program, founded by local veteran actor Tony Plena, develops literacy skills in English learners and cultivates minority readers, writers, and audiences through exposure to classic plays and literature.

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