CHCF Stockton

California's Health Care Facility for Patient-Inmates
This project is testimony to what can happen when a team of design and construction professionals put their best foot forward.
Mike Meredith, Project Director, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Stockton, California
California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation & California Prison Health Care Services
1,159,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 
LEED Silver (targeted)

California Health Care Facility (CHCF) Stockton is an intermediate-level medical and mental health care facility for patient inmates within the California state prison system. As part of a joint venture team Clark, in association with HDR Architecture, delivered the second phase of the design-build project, which includes housing for 1,722 patient inmates, a diagnostics and treatment center, program spaces, and administrative support spaces.

The joint-venture team's scope of work included: design, coordination, and construction of all buildings, site improvements, and utility and telecom improvements within the secure perimeter; design and construction of the Outside Administration Building and related site improvements; design, coordination and construction of security electronics, low voltage systems, and building automation system; and signage and detention doors, frames, glazing and hardware throughout the facility. The team also was responsible for the procurement and installation of equipment, and development and execution of an Extended Transition Program for the Central Kitchen food service operation. 

The buildings are primarily concrete tilt-up construction, one-story tall with sloping roofs and clerestory windows to allow light into dayroom areas. An exterior insulation and finish system and metal standing seam roofs were applied to the facility.


Faced with an extremely ambitious and court-mandated project schedule of just 22 months, something great occurred on this challenging and unusual project, initially during a few key sessions monitored by a professional facilitator, on through the unprecedented process that ensured this project was designed, built and occupied by the "drop-dead" date.

Driven by three key partnership concepts—commitment, communication and collaboration—the team devised several process innovations, allowing the project to be delivered on time and on budget. Not only was the challenge met, but it was designed and built to create a healing environment that is filled with light and is clear and easy to understand for inmate-patients and staff.


CHCF Stockton was designed to achieve LEED Silver certification. To reach this goal, the joint venture team committed to “wasting efficiently”, during construction.

The project team set a goal to divert more than 95% of all construction waste from landfills and incinerators, and teamed up with Waste Management to devise an on-site sorting strategy using color-coded dumpsters that are labeled according to waste categories. Hard hat stickers conveying the color code system were distributed to employees at safety orientations and the 24 dumpsters spread across the 77-acre site were continually monitored for proper sorting.


During construction, the design-build team provided a virtual BIM walk-through and construction sequencing analysis of the composite site model to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This gave CDPH a head start on reviewing the facility for licensing issues; it also provided them with time to adjust their personnel levels to ensure the facility could be properly inspected prior to the state-mandated deadline.

Local Hiring

The county around the CHCF has experienced severe economic duress since the economic downturn began. The design-build team worked with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to develop a series of plans that were a "win/win/win" and promoted the hiring of local residents and utilized local businesses whenever possible, which greatly benefited the local community.

BD+C Silver Building Team Award
DBIA National Design-Build Excellence Award - Healthcare
DBIA Western Pacific Region - Award of Merit
International Partnering Institute - Partnered Project of the Year