Self Perform

We are builders. From large-scale concrete pours to the design and implementation of intricate earth support systems, Clark has the dexterity to complete critical components of the construction scope. Our subsidiaries, Clark Civil, Clark Concrete, and Clark Foundations, have built a reputation for exceptional self-perform construction services and putting quality work in place safely and securely.

Our ability to self-perform key construction activities enables us to set the tone and pace for construction, control project costs, and establish standards for quality and safety. It also provides us with increased flexibility to respond to project and scope changes. Even when we subcontract this work to other firms, our experience with these critical trades is of significant benefit to our clients. Additionally, having a firsthand knowledge of the effort required to complete these trades under a variety of project conditions allows us to more accurately schedule work, and enables our personnel to better monitor production and quality. 

Quality construction begins with quality craftsmen. Clark hires and develops the best tradespeople to ensure that we can deliver the finest product to our clients. Our skilled labor and hands-on experience ensure that we get the job done right, right from the start. 

Clark Foundations provides the critical self-perform construction services necessary to ensure steadfast and reliable earth support and foundations work. With over four decades of experience, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in the design and implementation of some of the country’s most intricate earth support systems.

Clark Concrete performs structural concrete work on some of the nation’s most demanding construction projects. From the scheduling and budgeting of conceptual documents to erecting and dismantling tower cranes, we offer a full range of concrete construction and management solutions.

Clark Civil self-performs all manner of civil construction, including highway, mass transit, rail, and aviation projects, as well as water and wastewater treatment facilities. 

Clark's ability to self perform key construction operations enables us to have greater control over a project's cost and schedule.
Academic Facilities
Airports & Hangars
Central Utility Plants
Convention Centers
Freight Rail Facilities
Highway, Bridges, & Overpasses
Hospitals & Medical Centers
Industrial Complexes
Intermodal Facilities
Performing Arts Centers
Mass Transit Stations & Tunnels
Museums & Memorials
Multi-Family Residential
Office Buildings
Performing Arts Centers
Sports Venues
Water / Wastewater Facilities
BIM Coordination & Implementation
Concrete Placement & Finishing
Driven and Drilled Deep Foundations
Façade Support Design and Construction
Feasibility Studies
Formwork Design & Installation
Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring
MEP Services
Project Management
Secant and Tangent Pile Walls
Selection of Deep and Shallow Foundation Systems
Selection of Temporary Excavation Support Systems
Sizing & Locating Tower Cranes
Slurry Walls
Soldier Beams and Lagging
Temporary Bracing
Tower Crane Footing Design

Sector lead: 

Arash Parham

Director, Clark Foundations
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