April 02, 2020

Long Beach Civic Center Recognized by Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation's Built By Women Program

LONG BEACH, CA – The recently completed Long Beach Civic Center has been recognized by the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation’s Built by Women program. Women comprised 50% of the design-build team and played a significant role in the construction and delivery of the Long Beach Civic Center Project.

The Built by Women program was created to recognize the significant but often overlooked work of women architects, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers, contractors, and developers. This year’s competition was based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

“Los Angeles has always been a hotbed of American design and [the] jury demonstrated how women there are leading the way,” said architect and urbanist Claire Weisz, who also served on the program’s panel of jurors. “The Built by Women program helps elevate and honor these important works, and we all hope this initiative helps make the record difficult, if not impossible, to erase.”

The state-of-the-art Long Beach Civic Center development was delivered under a public-private partnership. Located in the city’s urban core, the Civic Center development encompasses nearly 600,000 square feet divided among four structures and spread across six city blocks. The project consists of a new City Hall and Bob Foster Civic Chambers, a new headquarters facility for the Port of Long Beach, a new Billie Jean King Main Library, and new below-grade parking facilities. After nearly three years of construction, Clark’s team delivered the Long Beach Civic Center in June 2019 – two days ahead of schedule.

From over 100 submissions, 56 architectural, engineering, and construction projects have been selected to be exhibited at the Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles opening May 15, 2020. The projects will also be included in a designed map of Los Angeles that showcases the winners.

About Built by Women

Built by Women celebrates women’s contributions to the built environment. In addition to recognizing and supporting the diverse women working in these professions, Built by Women provides strong role models and mentors for both current professionals and students. Built by Women is a project by the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation.

About Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation

The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) is working to change the culture of the building industry so that women’s work, in both contemporary practices and historical narratives, is acknowledged, respected and valued. BWAF achieves its mission by educating the public and transforming industry practice through collaborations with museums, professional organizations and other groups in the areas of architecture, design, landscape, engineering, technology, real estate and construction. BWAF is a national educational and research non-profit 501(c) (3) organization.