March 08, 2019

In Her Boots: Sarah Stokes

Through Q&A articles and Instagram Takeovers, our "In Her Boots" series is designed to showcase and provide an inside look at what a day in the life looks like in the shoes (or boots) for some of the exceptional women at Clark. 

On Day 6 of Women in Construction Week, we're featuring Sarah Stokes. Sarah, who joined Clark nine years ago, is a senior project manager on Clark's Square 696 project in Washington, DC. 

What was your first role at Clark? 

I started out in Clark’s Preconstruction Services Department. In this role, I assisted with miscellaneous job purchasing, subcontractor SQA database management, CMG metrics, and small business requirements at job procurement.

Sarah Stokes

What drew you to a career in the construction industry?  

Growing up, I always liked math and in college found that I enjoyed the “black and white” nature of engineering. Additionally, my father is an electrical engineer, and *gently* pushed me toward a more practical career choice. Construction seemed to fit my need for organization, systems, and frequent personal interaction.

What is your favorite project you have ever worked on and why?  

My current job at Square 696 is top notch. We have a fabulous team ready to impress our client. 

What is your proudest professional achievement?  

Building Phase 1 of The Wharf. It is pretty darn impressive.

Who has had the greatest influence on you and why?  

Matt Haas. Matt has taught me everything I know about managing subcontractor and client relationships and has personally been there for every promotion I've received.  

What advice do you have a young woman looking to enter the industry?  

Find your balance. You're not obligated to be superhuman, but you are obligated to take care of yourself.  

Check out our Instagram Story as Sarah shows us what a day in the life is like in her boots.