Campus Recruiting

There is a reason that Clark is a leader in the construction industry. Simply put, it’s our people. From highways to hotels and residential housing to railways, we rely on the leadership, talents, and drive of our employees to bring great projects to light. Are you interested in starting an exciting career as a part of our team? If so, take the next step and start building your future with us today.

Become an Intern

Our internship program provides a realistic view of what it's like to work in construction through meaningful, hands-on experiences. From coordinating subcontractors and suppliers to surveying and setting control lines, our interns assume a wide variety of responsibilities during their time with Clark. A personalized development plan, which includes access to Clark Corporate University and other company resources, ensures that you get the most out of your experience with us.

Clark offers internships at our corporate headquarters, regional offices, and jobsites throughout the country. To view a list of our current opportunities, click the "Apply for a Position" button at the bottom of the page.

Coming to a Campus Near You!
Date Campus
9/6/17 University of Notre Dame
9/6/17 Cornell University
9/6/17 The University of Virginia
9/11/17 Carnegie Mellon University
9/13/17 University of Delaware
9/13/17 The George Washington University
9/13/17 The University of Virginia
9/14/17 Texas A&M University
9/14/17 California State University, Chico
9/14/17 Georgia Institute of Technology
9/14/17 Lehigh University
9/19/17 Iowa State University
9/19/17 University of Illinois at Chicago
9/19/17 The Penn State University
9/19/17 Bucknell University
9/19/17 University of Maryland
9/19/17 Vanderbilt University
9/20/17 University of Wisconsin - Madison
9/20/17 California State University, Long Beach
9/20/17 Duke University
9/21/17 The University of Texas at El Paso
9/21/17 Clarkson University
9/22/17 University of Florida
9/26/17 The Penn State University
9/27/17 Lafayette College
9/28/17 Michigan State University
9/28/17 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
9/28/17 Purdue University
9/28/17 Milwaukee School of Engineering
9/28/17 Colorado State University
9/28/17 Slippery Rock University
9/28/17 Indiana University of Pennsylvania
10/3/17 Stanford University
10/3/17 Washington State University
10/4/17 California State University, Sacramento
10/4/17 Howard University
10/4/17 East Carolina University
10/4/17 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
10/5/17 Arizona State University
10/9/17 The Ohio State University
10/10/17 University of Southern California
10/11/17 University of California, San Diego
10/17/17 Pennsylvania College of Technology
10/18/17 Oregon State University
10/20/17 University of Maryland
10/24/17 Clemson University
10/25/17 San Diego State University
10/25/17 Roger Williams University
10/25/17 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
10/26/17 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
10/27/17 Cal Poly Pomona
10/31/17 University of Washington
11/2/17 UCLA
11/14/17 Lehigh University