There is a sense of camaraderie that comes with delivering impactful projects as a team. It creates a sense of humility and fosters pride in the work we do. At Clark, we are proud to build what matters, together.

From hospitals and airports to roads and educational facilities, we rely on the leadership, diverse talents, and dedication of the Clark team to deliver assets and infrastructure that are integral to our everyday lives.

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Inclusion & Diversity at Clark


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Ryan Nam
Senior Project Manager

"As an engineer, I love to design and build things that are impactful.

At Clark, I'm able to construct physical buildings and also develop innovative tools that help Clark employees work smarter and gain a competitive advantage."

Tony Franklin
General Foreman

"I started at Clark in 1991 as a laborer. Since day one, the people at Clark have treated me like family.

The people here look out for you. They take care of you. Make sure you’re safe, happy, and comfortable in your job."

Monique Holley
Senior Superintendent

"Clark takes the time to train and develop its employees not only to be great builders, but also to be exceptional leaders.

Everything that I’ve learned about construction – from learning how to read drawings to leading a multimillion dollar job by myself – I learned at Clark."

Wendy Bohn
Project Executive

"As a summer associate, the Clark team immediately brought me into their family and provided me with hands-on experiences.

Now, as a full-time employee, Clark has given me many exciting opportunities that have allowed me to grow into my current role."

Please be aware that there are certain individuals and entities that fraudulently misrepresent to job seekers that Clark has open employment positions when in fact those positions are not available.

Non-existent positions are often found on,, and similar freelancing websites. Clark does not post positions on these sites. Scammers have targeted not only Clark but numerous other companies.

If you think you might have seen a fraudulent job posting or have received an unsolicited interview request for a position at Clark, please click here.

Clark is an Equal Opportunity Employer