Trade Contractors

Our success as a builder is only possible with the support of great project partners. We take pride in our ability to assemble the best teams for our clients using highly-skilled and qualified trade contractors and suppliers that share our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Working together, we deliver superior facilities that are a win for our clients — and all stakeholders involved.

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Small Business Outreach

Small businesses play a vital role in every project we build and, by investing in their future, we not only strengthen our industry, but also the communities we serve. 

With each new venture Clark undertakes, we identify key areas in which local and small business can contribute, outlining an aggressive bidding and procurement strategy to ensure that we achieve our subcontracting objectives. We deploy an extensive outreach program to engage and inform the local community about potential small business opportunities. By way of job fairs, networking events, and with the help of various local and national resources, we solicit participation from a broad list of qualified subcontractors and suppliers.

Over the years, Clark has awarded billions of dollars in contracts to certified small businesses. Our successful track record on projects across the country is positive proof of the valuable contributions that small and local firms make. It also gives us confidence that our goals, while ambitious, are attainable.

Strategic Partnership Program - List 2

Strategic Partnership Program

The Strategic Partnership Program is an intensive, executive MBA-style course targeted to local small business enterprises including minority-, women-, and veteran-owned firms.

The primary goal of the course is to grow the capabilities and business acumen of small, local firms to enable them to successfully compete for the best possible opportunities in their market.


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Work With Us

Clark offers an array of business opportunities for pre-qualified trade contractors and suppliers.

Are you interested in working with us? If so, please take a moment to fill out the Subcontractor Qualification Application below. Required for all trade contractors and suppliers, this application assists us in determining if your company is eligible to be included in our list of potential bidders for future building and civil projects.


Should you have questions regarding the subcontractor qualification process, please click the 'Contact Us' button below to get in touch with a member of Clark's Subcontractor Development Group.