HMX-1 Maintenance Hangar

I found the upper management at Clark to be highly responsive, accommodating, and service oriented.
Kathryn A. Donovan, Captain, CEC, U.S. Navy
Quantico, Virginia
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
297,100 Square Feet
Year Completed: 

Clark provided design-build delivery of two aircraft maintenance hangars for the Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron (HMX-1), the sole helicopter transport squadron for the President of the United States.

Whiteside Complex hangar is 180,250 square feet and houses the Executive, the President’s white-top helicopters, while the Greenside Complex hangar is 56,850 square feet and supports the balance of the HMX-1 fleet. Included within the structures are a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), precision machine shops, an engine shop with a monorail crane, and a maintenance trainer room capable of holding one HMX-1 helicopter with a two-ton bridge crane. Support facilities, such as aircraft parking aprons, vehicle roadways, and vehicle parking, also were included in the scope of the project.