Virtual Design & Construction

Clark possesses a keen understanding of both the technology and the process required for its successful implementation. Our extensive know-how equips us to add value throughout the entire life cycle of a project — from its earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction, and its operational life.

Success in VDC requires more than just a firm grasp of the technology. We place a premium on early team integration, goal congruency, and extensive communication among project stakeholders, knowing the value it brings to the construction process. This collaborative approach has become an integral part of our building process.

By assigning detailed costs to the Highland Hospital's envelope and window system, we worked with the County of Alameda to rapidly explore various skin design options, knowing instantly how each change affected the projected costs. Armed with multiple options and real-time cost comparisons, the County made an informed design decision resulting in a $500,000 savings.


Stuart Lange

Virtual Design and Construction Executive
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