Virtual Design & Construction

At Clark, we embrace innovation to improve project outcomes. 

We leverage best-in-class virtual design and construction (VDC) tools and expertise to provide value to our partners by mitigating risk, identifying conflicts, shortening timelines, and improving communication.

VDC model

Model-Based Estimates

During design development, Clark leverages building information modeling (BIM) to quickly quantify key cost- and schedule-driving materials, empowering our clients, designers, and project planners to make informed decisions.

4D Site Utilization Plan

Clark overlays the construction plan on the schedule to visualize the site logistics plan in real time. This simulation helps optimize sequencing and production control from schedule development through construction.

Site Progress Monitoring

Clark uses drones and photogrammetry to efficiently capture site conditions at regular intervals and monitor work in place.

Design and Trade Coordination

Clark works collaboratively with design and trade contractors to analyze the project model, review constructability, and ensure design intent is realized.

VDC Kickstart Training Program

Engineers early in their careers participate in Kickstart, a program that provides the skills necessary to deploy BIM to advance project development efforts on construction projects. 

Through this program, we develop well-rounded builders that understand how to build a structure twice – first digitally and then again in real life.


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Virtual Design Helps Sacramento Courthouse Team Build Faster, Safer

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