Under the Hard Hat with Katie Wilson

April 8, 2022

Under the Hard Hat with Katie Wilson

At Clark, we are proud to be made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and talents who thrive and succeed together. Our "Under the Hard Hat" series is designed to showcase the diverse people who make up the Clark team.

We recently sat down with Katie Wilson, a project manager in our Regional Group on pre-construction efforts, as well as with our National Acquisitions team, to learn about her background, and what she enjoys most about working in the construction industry.

Describe your background. Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in “LA,” which of course, is “Lower Alabama.” 

I claim Mobile, AL as my hometown, and I am the oldest of three children. 

After graduating from high school, I studied civil engineering at Notre Dame, and then moved to Washington, DC after graduation to work at Clark.

I am happily back in the South as of a few years ago, and currently live in Atlanta! 

What job are you currently working in? What are your responsibilities? 

As a project manager, I am working both in our Regional Group on pre-construction efforts, as well as with our National Acquisitions team on our pursuit strategy nationwide. Additionally, I am helping to grow our presence here in Atlanta and in the greater Southeast region.

I am excited to support Clark in expanding its footprint in the region I call home! 

What brought you to Clark? 

I was drawn to Clark because of the wide-range of opportunities available within one company. No two Clark team member’s career paths look the same here. Over the years, this has proven to be what I love most about working at Clark. I’ve been lucky to experience a lot of different facets of the industry and work on a variety of projects, from the City Market at O Street in Washington, DC to the Atlanta Plane Train Tunnel West Extension in Georgia. 

What do you like most about working in the construction industry?

I love seeing all the different elements that go into a construction project. From the different stakeholders and design partners in the early phases to the different trade partners and team members that work on the job during active construction, there are so many people who have a hand in delivering the final product. After completion, that final product can serve so many different people and purposes in the community. 

Who have been your strongest influences in life? 

My parents have definitely been the biggest influences on my life. I remember in my early school days, not wanting to be “that” kid who always raised her hand to answer the questions or always got the best grade on the test. My mom told me to never be shy about what I knew or what I thought, and that has always stuck with me, as I have tried to apply that to both my academic and my professional life. 

My dad is equally a huge role model for me, showing me how to work hard and to always strive to do the right thing. He once said to “never ask someone to do something that you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself,” and that advice has always stuck with me as a manager. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing, either personally or professionally?

Professionally, I have been proud of my ability to navigate between regions and departments and take on new opportunities and challenges. I also recently got my P.E. license a couple of years ago which was a great accomplishment. 

Personally, I just got married, which was a moment of both pride and great joy! I was also happy to have a couple of Clark bridesmaids in my bridal party, because I think it’s a reflection of the network that you can build here.

What does "Thrive as You, Succeed Together” mean to you?

I think that we each bring a unique perspective and background to every opportunity. With Clark’s propensity for unique and challenging projects, it benefits us to draw on the different talents and backgrounds that each of our employees can bring to the table.