Under The Hard Hat with Karla Sanchez

June 2, 2023

Karla Sanchez

At Clark, we are proud to be made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and talents. Our “Under the Hard Hat” series is designed to showcase the diverse people who make up the Clark team.

Meet Karla Sanchez, a brazer with Clark Water who is currently working on the Noman M. Cole Jr. Pollution Control Plant (NMCPCP) Solids Processing Rehabilitation, phase 3 project, to learn how she has developed her specialty and grown with Clark.

Tell us a bit about your background. 

I am from El Salvador. I have worked in construction for seven years and started with Clark in March 2019, as a pipefitter. 

What made you want to pursue a career in construction?

Seeing my dad fix things around my home when I was little piqued my interest in construction.

How did you get started with Clark?

When I started working with Clark in 2019, they gave me the opportunity to solder copper. This is something I had done before, but never for pipes that were longer than three feet. 

Have you completed certifications or training? 

Clark sent me and four others to test for our brazing certification, and I was the only one who passed the exam. I earned my certification for brazing in June 2021. I have really dedicated myself to soldering and brazing.

What do you like about brazing?

My favorite part is the process. I like to see how each soldered pipe comes together, and I enjoy comparing the finished job to the initial construction plans.

What do you like about working in construction, and what is a typical day like?

There are some days that are really hard and other days that are a bit calmer. It all depends on the size of the pipe that you will be working with. Regardless, it is an exciting daily challenge. If you like your job, you are going to give it your all and give yourself a challenge daily. If you like what you do, it’s almost like you fall in love with your responsibilities and your tasks.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

 I love to see the plan and the challenge that every project brings. Sometimes there are obstacles in your way, times when you have to speak to your boss and ask questions about  your assignment. But once that project is complete, once all of the pipes have been put together, it’s such an amazing feeling.

What is your favorite thing about working at Clark? 

Clark has been very helpful in providing opportunities for me. A superintendent in charge of this project encouraged me to take English courses, and I have been enrolled for three months. Clark knows how to treat its people well, is very efficient in coordinating jobs, and overall, knows how to have a good relationship with its people.

What do you look forward to in your career?

Every day I learn more about my job. I do the best I can, learn many new things, and one day, God willing, I hope to learn English well enough that I may seek a higher position within the company.