Two Projects Delivered Early to Albion Residential, with a Third Underway

August 3, 2020

Two Projects Delivered Early to Albion Residential, with a Third Underway

In the last three years, Clark has built two Albion Residential projects in the suburbs of Chicago - with construction on a third project currently underway. Founded in 2016, Chicago-based Albion acquires, develops, and operates luxury rental apartment communities across the Midwest. For their ground-up development projects, Albion concentrates on sites located in dynamic urban neighborhoods with strong employment opportunities and chic entertainment scenes.

Even before breaking ground in 2018 on Albion Oak Park - Clark's first project with the developer - the Clark team sought to develop an acute understanding of Albion's business objectives and distinct priorities. By developing solutions tailored to Albion's unique needs and drawing on decades of experience working with the nation's leading developers, Clark has delivered value, certainty, and superior results for Albion, helping transform their visions and ideas into long-lasting assets.

It is a relationship that has strengthened considerably over time - and it all began with the placement of a familiar blue sign.

"We had been looking at contractors for months without much luck," said Darrell Williams, vice president of construction at Albion Residential.  "I was sitting in my office one afternoon, watching a high-rise being built outside. I saw the blue Clark sign from my window, and when I realized we hadn't talked to Clark yet, I picked up the phone and made the call."

Since that phone call, Clark delivered Albion Oak Park, the first branded development for Albion, seven weeks early in November 2019, and Albion Evanson two weeks early in February 2020. Today, Clark is building Albion Highland Park - a 161-unit development that broke ground in the fall of 2019 and is scheduled to complete in mid-2021.

"We knew there were a lot of contractors in Chicago that could build our buildings," said Williams. "But we wanted someone that not only had the capability - but was also compatible with us. We wanted a general contractor that was developer-friendly and could understand our vision."

With Clark, Albion found a trusted advisor that understood their business objectives and priorities, remained committed to finishing on schedule and on budget, and delivered exceptional experiences and results - all while keeping safety at the forefront of every decision.

"I've been really happy with our relationship with Clark," said Jason Koehn, president of Albion Residential. "It's nice to be with a large organization that has a great team from start to finish. Clark has always listened to us, and it's clear they care about us as a client."