July 01, 2015
Awards & Recognition

LABC Awards Honors 'Something Old and Something New'

LOS ANGELES – On June 18, the renovated Los Angeles Hall of Justice project earned the Los Angeles Business Council's (LABC) City of L.A. Green Building Award, while the new U.S. Federal Courthouse project earned the Under Construction Award at the 45th Annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards ceremony.

The City of L.A. Green Building Award is given to a deserving project that has advanced sustainable development in the city. Clark worked alongside design partner A.C. Martin of Los Angeles on a design-build contract for structural, architectural, and aesthetic upgrades to the 1920s-era Hall of Justice building. L.A.'s former county courts and jail, the structure was closed after it was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The County of Los Angeles chose to preserve this 400,00 square-foot landmark instead of tearing it down and building anew.

The Hall of Justice was designed and constructed to achieve LEED® Gold certification, exceeding the job requirement of LEED Silver at no additional cost to the client. Sustainable elements of the project include:

  • Rainwater that is collected on site, including the sub-surface water that is pumped out of sump pumps under the parking garage, passes through an on-site biofiltration system—a pollution control technology—before being discharged into the stormwater system.
  • The project utilizes steam and chilled water from a central utility plant located across the street, which greatly improves the efficiency of the structure.

  • Offices feature floor to ceiling windows exposing large amounts of the building to natural light.

Scheduled for completion in 2016, the new Los Angles U.S. Courthouse, which earned the Council's  Under Construction Award, is a 10-story, 600,000 square-foot structure. Referred to as the 'floating cube', the new facility will feature 24 courtrooms and 32 justice chambers. A sky-lit central courtyard at the structure’s core will provide natural light and circulation to the building’s interior spaces. The 'floating cube' will be anchored by two levels of below-grade parking, as well as mechanical and back-of-house spaces.

"The L.A. Architectural Awards are an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate outstanding projects that marry excellent design with meaningful sustainability,” said Los Angeles Business Council President Mary Leslie. “Today’s winning projects exemplify the entrepreneurial, innovative spirit that makes Los Angeles unique.”

The Los Angeles Architectural Awards recognize the project teams responsible for the very best architecture and that enhance the urban fabric of Los Angeles. A distinguished jury of owners, contractors, architects, and civic leaders selected this year’s winners from hundreds of submissions.