February 17, 2015
Awards & Recognition

Clark Concrete Achieves One Million Man Hours Without a Lost-Time Injury

BETHESDA, Md. – Clark Concrete has reached a significant milestone: working one million hours without a lost time injury. During this time, Clark Concrete employees have placed 138,000 cubic yards of concrete on 14 projects across the Mid-Atlantic region.

This milestone could only have been achieved with employees' dedication to keeping each other safe. "Safety is at the core of who we are as a company. Our commitment to each other ensures that we fulfill our promise employees that return home safely to their loved ones in the same condition they left for work that day. Reaching one million hours without a lost time injury is possible when every employee looks out for their fellow workers and makes a conscious decision to keep them safe," stated Carlos Gonzalez, Vice President of Clark Concrete.

Employees participate in a number of safety training programs on an annual basis, and are required to speak up when they see unsafe practices in the field. Clark Concrete, along with subsidiary partner Clark Foundations, recently unveiled a new initiative to address one of the higher-risk times in an employee's tenure – the first 90 days of employment. The program, entitled "From New to Blue", requires all new employees to wear a green hard hat while they learn Clark's safety protocols and procedures. The company's leadership also continues to recognize employees who display a dedicated commitment to safety.

"At Clark Concrete, we have a saying – 'your safety is my responsibility'. Our employees know that looking out for one another, like we would our own family, is how a milestone like this is achieved," remarked Clark's Safety Manager, Seth Randall.