Our Committment

At Clark, we are committed to advancing inclusion and diversity for our company, our industry, and in our communities. By embracing uniqueness, fostering a culture of acceptance, and engaging with our employees and partners, we provide an environment where everyone can thrive, as we succeed together as #OneClark. 

We value inclusion and diversity as essential to our mission of building what matters, together.

Inclusion and Diversity - Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach to inclusion and diversity is centered around four key areas: Culture, Growth, Resources, and Engagement.

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We embed inclusion and diversity into our everyday business and culture, on and off the jobsite.

We support employees and project partners from all backgrounds and cultivate a positive, welcoming, and respectful workplace ensuring that everyone brings their best selves to work.


We are passionate about attracting, retaining, growing, and promoting a diverse mix of talent at all levels throughout our organization. 

We accomplish this through expanded recruiting efforts with organizations such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and by providing a wide range of unique experiences, mentorship initiatives, and training programs for the Clark team.

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We equip all employees with the resources they need to thrive at Clark. We regularly review our benefits program, reinforce workforce policies, and support our enERGy network of employee resource groups.

The Clark team is provided with the education necessary to foster effective collaboration across diverse perspectives and backgrounds and training to ensure a positive workplace for all.

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We strengthen our communities by investing in the future of our industry. We provide diverse pathways to pursuing careers in our field through partnerships with trade schools, high schools, colleges, and other organizations including the ACE Mentorship Program and Urban Alliance.

Additionally, company-led programs like our Strategic Partnership Program help expand the capability and capacity for small, local, and diverse businesses to grow and thrive.

Inclusion and Diversity - One Clark


The Clark team—from our employees to our project partners and stakeholders—is made up of people with a diverse group of skills, backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We believe that when we embrace a culture of belonging that values and harnesses the power of differences, there is nothing that our team cannot achieve, together.

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