Tunnels & Mines

Clark’s underground projects are some of the most technically-complex in the country. Whether sinking shafts to allow access to precious mineral deposits, constructing tunnels to improve rail traffic, or developing passageways to enable the unobstructed flow of drinking or storm water, we have the necessary know-how and tools to deliver critical projects below ground.

We offer extensive experience in shaft sinking and tunnel excavation and have an intimate knowledge of a wide range of excavation techniques, including the New Austrian Tunneling Method/ Sequential Excavation Method (NATM/SEM), Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) and conventional drill and blast techniques. From equipment selection to soil evaluation and mitigation to site ventilation, our underground teams ensure that our projects are run safely and effectively. This, coupled with our ability to self-perform key construction operations, ensures better schedule management and allows us to bring projects online faster without compromising quality.

Our senior civil personnel offer a combined 300+ years of experience in underground construction.
Mass Transit/Light Rail Tunnels
Mine Shafts
Shotcrete & Rock Bolts
Underground Testing Facilities
Underground Storage Caverns
Water/Stormwater Tunnels
Comparative Cost Analysis
Contract Mining
Detailed Budgeting & Estimating
Drill & Blast Excavation
Feasibility Studies & Constructability Reviews
Highwall & Ground Stabilization
Project Specific Safety Planning
Self Performance
Support of Excavation
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Joe Cooper

Vice President
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