Clark has helped reinforce and protect America’s infrastructure — and people — from the impact of natural disasters for decades. Designing, building, and fortifying structures to withstand the ground motion and lateral forces from earthquake activity requires both skill and experience. With a thorough understanding of seismic codes and requirements, and a robust portfolio of successful engagements, Clark is equipped to handle even the most sophisticated seismic endeavor.

Utilizing innovative techniques and integrating the latest seismic technologies, our teams implement solutions that mitigate the impacts of seismic movement on the end-users and the building fabric, and improve building performance. Whether installing base isolation systems that enable tall structures to move and sway, exterior braced frames to increase a building’s structural stability and resist shear forces, or viscous dampers to absorb ground energy, we have the faculty to deliver for our clients projects that stand the test of mother nature.

We have stabilized more than 3 million square feet of California's building infrastructure.
Base Isolation Systems
Braced Frame Systems
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Carlos Gonzalez

Regional Executive Officer and Senior Vice President, Western Region – South
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