Correctional & Judicial

Clark's portfolio of correctional and judicial facilities for federal, state, and local authorities across the country includes state-of-the-art court buildings, maximum security prisons, and medical and mental healthcare facilities for patient inmates.

Working collaboratively with clients, we take into consideration their key concerns and requirements, such as clear sightlines, inmate management and transfer, staff safety, and facility efficiency and functionality, to ensure that we deliver an end product that is safe, secure, and meets the end users' diverse needs.

Delivered through a unique public-private partnership, the state-of-the-art Governor George Deukmejian Court House is the first social infrastructure project in the United States procured under the principles of Performance-Based Infrastructure contracting.
City Halls
Civic Centers
County Jails
Federal Court Buildings
Federal & State Correctional Centers
Judicial Centers
Military Prisons
Secure Civil Commitment & Treatment Facility (SVP)
Secure Medical & Mental Healthcare Facilities


Tony Gallivan

Senior Vice President, Regional Group