Veterans Puget Sound Healthcare System Mental Health & Research Facility

Providing Respect and Compassion for Veterans and Their Families
Seattle, Washington
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Contract Value: 
203,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 
LEED Certified (targeted)
The seven-story MHR building will include 203,000 square feet of space dedicated to mental health services and research, as well as administrative offices. The facility also will contain laboratory space with standard equipment. The building will be comprised of blast-protected curtain wall and metal panel façade. The main hospital will remain fully operational throughout construction.

When construction is complete, the project team will demolish 63,000 square feet of existing structures currently onsite. 

The Phase II work will include extension of major utilities from the campus Energy Center to the new building, extensive civil grading and retaining-wall work, sidewalks and plaza flat work. Work will also include walkways, and paving and road work from the campus entry drive through the new patient drop off areas in front of the new facility.

The MHR facility is designed to achieve LEED® certification. Sustainable elements include an atrium with skylights and two interior courtyards.

Substantial completion is scheduled for January 2017.

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