Mineta San Jose International Airport North Concourse

Silicon Valley's Horizontal High-Rise
Gensler's cutting-edge design created challenging and unusual elements for the Clark team, on a fairly monumental scale. Clark met the challenge head on and clearly maintained the quality and integrity of design, while making it buildable and efficient.
Steven Hergert, Senior Associate, Gensler
San Jose, California
City of San Jose
380,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 
LEED Silver

Gensler envisioned a unique design for the San Jose airport, one that recalled a "horizontal high-rise." Facing this monumental task, the Clark team worked closely with Gensler and the City of San Jose to ensure the 380,000 square-foot addition to Mineta San Jose International Airport would stand apart in both design and function.

The distinctive North Concourse has a structural steel frame supported by concrete slab-on-deck with high-bay clerestory windows, curved skylights, and sloped metal panel roofing. Its airside façade is curtain wall, while a system of metal panels creates the landside’s exterior. The nine new gates are set within a "paseo." Reflecting the local aesthetic, it features open spaces, airy walkways, and natural lighting. Clark’s scope of work also included adding shell space for future restaurants and retail shops, baggage handling areas, and a utility basement.

The new terminal was constructed adjacent to active airport operations. Clark ensured no interruptions were made to the airport’s day-to-day services.


In accordance with San Jose’s Green Vision, the terminal was built to achieve the standards of LEED Silver certification. Sustainable features include:

  • Energy saving fixtures and systems,
  • Water-efficiencient plumbing fixtures, and
  • Low VOC paint.