Metro Parks Waterfront

Tacoma, WA
Metro Parks Tacoma
Site Workshop
Year Completed: 
Atkinson, along with key subcontractor KLB Construction, will work at the superfund site, which once was home to Asarco Lead and Copper Smelter located in historic Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA.
Excavation of 300,000 cubic yards of hillside material made way for a new boat-trailer parking lot, and an additional 100,000 cubic yards of contaminated material was hauled onto the peninsula. In association with the Environmental Protection Agency, the team armored the peninsula shoreline and capped the contaminated soils to protect Puget Sound waters. Clean soils were then placed atop the cap, and landscaping, structures, and hardscaping — including site lighting, prairie grass and plants, site amenities and furnishings, a plaza pavilion, a gatehouse building, and a storage building — was installed to complete the 23-acre park.
The team also constructed a pedestrian bridge and trail that spans the boat parking lot and Pearl Street to provide better access into Point Defiance Park. Additionally, the project team relocated the existing Tacoma Yacht Club parking lot and improved access to existing boathouse gangways.