Innovation Avenue Realignment Project

Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, Virginia
Greenfield Partners, LLC and Origami Capital Partners, LLC
Contract Value: 
Year Completed: 
Shirley will construct a new four-lane median-divided roadway along a new alignment between Route 28 and Rock Hill Road and will replace the existing roadway located in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, VA. This project will realign the primary access road to the planned Dulles World Center mixed-use development.
The project’s scope of work will include installing new water and sewer lines, extending box culverts and Con/Spans, and extensive site work including rock blasting, grading, and adding sidewalks and trails. This project will allow the completion of the adjacent Route 28/Innovation Avenue grade-separated interchange, which Shirley is constructing under a separate contract. 
Construction began late last year and completion is scheduled for winter 2016.